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The Most Unknown

A fascinating documentary exploring consciousness, space, time and more with nine scientists. Check out the trailer HERE.


The Physics of God

This book has totally rocked my reality and lead me down a path that keeps expanding my mind. Joseph has spoon fed me Quantum Physics so I can actually get a grasp of this complex topic. An absolute Must Read ! The Physics of God by Joseph Selbie. Click on the title to order this book from an Independent Book Seller !!!


Arcturus Quantum Healing

Yantara Jiro is a charming and kind being. I have been studying with him for a year now, and am so inspired by his kindness and love. Yantara possesses a wealth of knowledge that is most humbling. If you are interested in energy work such as Reiki you will more than likely find this interesting. Please enjoy this webinar that Yantara recently shared HERE.


Hilma af Klint

The Scandinavian artist that is rocking the world of the Modernist Art timeline from the other side. Hilma felt the world was not ready for her Vision so she had her works hidden for a future generation. As her works are being exhibited the timeline of Art history is being corrected with Herstory. The Mother of Modernism in Art.

Mystic, Spiritualist, Painter, Lover of the Natural World. Learn more about her HERE.


Embodied Flow Yoga TM

Tara Judell and Dr. Scott Lyons yogic teachings are revolutionary. They are incorporating Science, Ancient Teachings and as well as melding what they have learned from the elders of this time in the field of yoga, somatics, tantric philosophy and transpersonal psychology. Truly and practice of Mind, Body and Soul.

“ It is our aim to thrive in every layer of fabric of our consciousness and to take that awakened mind into the world”. Expand yourself with their teachings of Embodied Flow.


The Humming Effect

Love this book ! It is a simple and informative read for anyone interested in how scientifically Sound and Vibration effect our bodies. Jonathan and Andi Goldman have done extensive research of Humming and the healing that comes from this simple self healing action. They offer excellent tools and information for all who want to learn more about self healing, the physics of sound, and breath and sound.

Order “The Humming Effect” HERE.