The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.
— Hazrat Inayat Khan
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What is Sound Meditation?

Is a Sound and Vibrational experience that has the ability to relax your body, and quite your brain. You are invited to lay comfortably on the floor with mats, blankets and pillow, or sit if that is what you prefer, while I play bowls made of Crystal, and other alchemy's that emit soothing Vibrations & Frequencies that meld with your body.  That is why session are often referred to as a Sound Bath, as your body is washed with Sound. After twenty minutes the sound vibrations have the ability to shift your body into a deep state of relaxation as your heart rate slows down and blood pressure drops.

Most people find these events to be refreshing, nourishing as well as inspiring. Some have experienced breakthroughs in writing projects, choreography, and emotional blocks. The session lasts about an hour.

How does Sound Meditation Work?

The sound vibrations and frequencies emitted from the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls create sound waves that interact with your brainwaves, that can effectively shift us from our day to day Beta brainwave state to an Alpha state of calm relaxation, lucid, and nonthinking state. Or a Theta state of flow, deep relaxation, meditation, and mental imagery.  Some dive even deeper into the Delta state, which is a deep dreamless state (that's when people tend to snore).  This is a simplified, and partial explanation as to why Sound Meditation is so relaxing to the body.

Sound Meditation is not a substitute for Medical Treatment, thought it can benefit your well being greatly.

What are these Crystal Tones Singing Bowls Made of, and why are they different from other Singing Bowls ?

For my practice I exclusively use Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing bowls which are made in Utah. The following is what Crystal Tones has to share about their creations.

"The crystal singing bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation."

"Crystal Tones' crystal singing bowls are made with a unique, patented manufacturing process which is available ONLY with our bowls. This process makes our bowls strong and incredibly pure in tone."

”All these bowls are made only with pure quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24 karat gold, silver and platinum.”


* Sound Baths are not a replacement for Medical Care, they are Complimentary Support for you to cultivate better heath and well being.





First of all Welcome ! Thank you so much for your curiosity about my Sound Meditation practice, and for wanting to learn more about me and what I am offering you.

Recently someone asked me what is my objective, my goal, in the work that I am offering, this is my current answer.

My objective, my goal, is to facilitate and co-create a deeper relationship to yourself, to be the mulch on your journey of self discovery as you cultivate a richer experience of your senses and relationship to the natural world around you, while you expand the infinite inner universe within you.

My aim is to assist you in opening your own doors of conciseness through guided breathe, visioning exercises, sound meditation with occasional movement and vocal toning exercises.

I use several modalities, drawing from the ever expanding tool box of training and personal healing that I continue to engage in. I am so fortunate to travel extensively, and study with ground breaking teachers who are elevating and expanding on historic modalities in Sound Healing, Energy Work, Toning, Yoga, and Whirling.  I love to learn, and these studies and practices are what inspired me to create * Sound * Light * Journey *. I am so excited to share with you what has been healing me, on my journey of self discovery and finding new meaning in this busy and chaotic modern world.


Sound Universe, Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner Level 1&2, with Yantara Jiro, Sound Universe International, London

Sound Universe, Arcturian Quantum Healing Course, Level 1 & 2, with Yantara Jiro, Sound Universe International, London

CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) Level 1&2

Seattle Sound Temple, Art of Sound Healing Level 1 & 2 with Irene Ingalls, Seattle

USUI Reiki I & II, with Nawal Fleihan,  Beirut

CoCo Connection Coalition Trauma Training

Hatha Yoga RT200 with Tara Judelle & Dr. Scott Lyons, Bali

100 Hour Embodied Flow Advance Module Body with Tara Judelle & Dr. Scott Lyons,  Mallorca


Their Words

I find it more interesting for recipients of the Sound Meditations and One-On-One Sessions that I offer to express in their own words what experience was for them, rather than sharing my projections as a practitioner.  

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"It felt like a massage of the grey matter of my Brain.”


"The Sound Meditation created a space where my subconscious mind became active in waking life".

Rachel G. Dancer/Choreographer.



“It felt magical.”

“ I felt like every cell in my being was vibrating and some how cleaned. I slept so well after this session. ”

Brita Å. / Octogenarian


“The sound Meditation felt intellectually freeing and invoked some clarifying breakthroughs.”

"I’ve attended several sound meditations with Paula, all of which resulted in deep relaxation. But during a recent session, I accessed productive inspiration on a project I’ve been developing. The sound bath felt intellectually freeing and invoked some clarifying breakthroughs."

Deirdre T.  Filmmaker/ Writer.


"The Sound Meditation I received was a deeply moving experience."

"A dear friend had recently passed away & I was overwhelmed with emotions.
The experience of releasing myself to the “Sound” of the bowls was comforting and touched me deeply. I felt truly lifted up out of my sorrows … and felt the path to healing had been awakened in my mind.
I wholeheartedly recommend Paula's One-On-One sessions to you . The “Sound Meditation” is a tool to healing and so much more. I will be incorporating this experience into my life forever."

Bruce W.



"It really does help stop the mind chatter"

I wanted to thank you for the lovely sound meditation last night.  It was so relaxing and it really does help stop the mind chatter.  My body responded in various ways to the different vibrations and it was very healing.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us.

Krisanne H. Real Estate Agent.


"I am still glowing from the sound Meditation"


"It was so healing - I feel as though I've been restored to the person I was before all the conflict at work started a year ago! I've spoken to several colleagues who want very much to experience one."

Nodie S. Nurse Practitioner


“What your sound Meditation GAVe me was the opportunity to dream bigger.”

“It was wonderful to meet you and attend your sound bath meditation in Santa Monica tonight.

I've been doing a lot of self-care, work on myself and deep digging over the past year and a half. I've been meditating on my own, and I feel as though I'm making strides in my own self-discovery.

What your sound bath meditation gave me was the opportunity to dream bigger. It allowed me to go deeper than usual and give myself an unfettered, tactile view of where I see myself in 5-10-15 years. It gave me a lot of clarity when I feel like I'm sometimes peering into my future with fogged-up goggles.

I've spent a lot of this year working really hard and maybe stretching myself a little too thin, and your sound bath meditation gave me a lot of focus that I plan on utilizing from tonight on forward. I could see a bigger picture for the first time maybe ever(?). I loved it.”

Sean C.


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